ゆっち 28歳のお誕生日おめでとうございます

Be Happy & Stay Healthy~
Last Year, I Hoped That You Will Be On Drama, Solo Con/Butai & It Came True
So This Year I Will Continue To Wish For The Same & Hope It Will Be Even Better!!
Not Trying To Be Greedy, But Really Hope We Will Get Group Bangumi Soon..

Lastly, Hope Everyone & All Shows Of DreamBoys End Successfully Without Any Injury!

With Love,

Album On The Way~?? :P

Girls, Time To Save Money For The Possible Upcoming Album~ We Already Got 3 New Songs From The Boys~ 'WHITE' , 'PERFECT' & 'DIAMOND' + Yucchi Mentions They Are Working On Their Solo Songs I'm Excited~~!!! Weeeee

Also, Congrats Kazu For Getting Another Baseball Supporter Job For The New Show 'Dramatic Game 1844' Get More FanBoys Kazu!! =X Take Care Of Ur Health~ Tour Rehearsal/Tour Should Be Starting Soon + Going + This New Job + Sept Gonna Have DreamBoys + .. Gonna Be BUSY BUSY BUSY!!

Love The New AOKI CM, It's Really .. PERFECT~
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Happy 25th Birthday! ♥♥


My Wishes For You, Staying Healthy & Happy Hitting HR All The Best With This Year Tour & Dream Boys
Looking Forward To This Year Tour & Album! Also Hoping For Another Drama & Group Bangumi
Cant Wait For The Result Of このプレゼント気に入ったにゃ

1st Anniversary..??

Been A Month Since My Last Post ... It's February~~~ It's Kazu Birthday Month~ For Me It Also Means .... I Have Been A KAT-TUN Fan For 1 Year+~~~ I Cant Say I'm A Good Hyphen, But I Had Fun Being A Hyphen & Will Continue Being 1~ I Cried, I Laughed & I Got To Know Lots Of Awesome/Perverted Hyphen Too!! I LOVE YA ALL~

Our Fandom Might Be Full Of Dramas But~ I'm Fangirling The Boys & NOT The Crazy Fandom~ Although Many Times The Fandom Really Makes Me Go All ^%*&$%#*&%$*# ... But We Had Our 'Fun' Too Discussing About All These Dramas In Our 'Secret Garden' .. LOLxx Mayb Not That Secret But Still Just Us & Our Crazy Talks~

I Should Go Sleep B4 I Start Typing Funny Stuffs .. Good Night~


I'm Late But Still 明けましておめでとう! For All Of You That Still Check My LJ, Even I Abandon It For So Long...
Have A Great 2011 New Year New Start New Changes New Challenges New Wishes New ... LJ Update Am Making A Few Changes To My LJ Updates, 1st - Will Stop Including Jweb Picts, 2nd - Check HERE For KT Manual In Future

2011 - KT To Be Healthy & Happy Have A Great 5th Year Debut, 10th Year Anniversary~
Tour, CM, Drama, Single, Album, Butai, Do Your Best~!! & GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME KAT-TUN BANGUMI~!!

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Yucchi Jweb[01.03]
Happy New Year! This Year Too Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ It's 2011~ If To List Down Events That's Going To Happen In Near Future On Chronological Table, It Will Have The 'Smell' Of 2011.. [i really dont get this line, help any1? 遠い将来今年の出来事を年表で覚える時はきっと2011なので「におい」になるでしょう] Yucchi Got To Spend 3 Days With His Family, It Was Stress-Free~ His Doggies Are Genki Too, He Took Them Out For Walk, It Was Really Peaceful~ After Countdown, Everyone From Jimusho Went To Visit The Shrine, Yucchi Hope This Year Too Will Be Well Spent